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The Junior Chamber Advantage. The Junior Chamber is a people-building organization. Jaycees find they have a definite advantage in life because of their involvement in activities and events. High community visibility, establishing rewarding friendships and professional contacts, participating in major community affairs, and the gratification of servicing humanity, are just a few of the member benefits.

The Leadership Edge. When it comes to leadership, Junior Chamber gives you a special edge. Grooming leaders is one of the things this organization does best. It is impossible to be affiliated with Junior Chamber and not be, in some way, a leader. Anywhere you look, you are bound to see Junior Chamber members in positions of influence. Junior Chamber provides outstanding leaders on a global scale. Job candidates with leadership experience and training are in demand. Employees demonstrating leadership qualities are natural candidates for promotion.

The Benefits of Junior Chamber (Jaycee) Membership include:

    1. Connecting with other young people in the community.
    2. Leadership development through active participation.
    3. The opportunity to improve the community.
    4. Increased knowledge of public affairs and community issues.
    5. The opportunity to become a community leader.
    6. Fellowship on an individual basis and family basis.
    7. Skill-building in the areas of public speaking, project management, budgets and finance, volunteer management, and networking
    8. The opportunity to express your voice as a young person in the affairs of your community, your state, your country, and your world.
    9. Self satisfaction, self confidence, and belief in your own potential as a young person- the greatest reward of all!

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